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A back view of the reversible necklace

Close up of the front of the brass reversible necklaceResin pendant includes scrapbook paper and watch parts in Amate pendantwatch face embellished, bronze ParaWire viking knit -- 22 ga


Making it again

17 Apr 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve been making pieces for the last month or so that incorporate things with personal meaning to me. For instance, my necklace for the bead challenge and now the piece I completed today. It contains vintage beads and button, brass pieces and things I’ve been collecting for a while. I’ve also been viking knitting, so I used some of my leftover pieces from the bead challenge in a vk choker as well. I used an old latch as a clasp. It’s not practical, I’ve discovered, but it looks cool. Now that I’m not teaching and longer days are in the offing, I hope to get more designs in the works. I’m dreaming of the Bead and Button show, which is now less than 50 days away.

So much has changed

07 Apr 2011 Leave a comment

Imagine that. Me too busy to write. I have been teaching almost every weekend and creating as well. I did quit Michaels because it was my most boring teaching gig. I finished there at the end of March. I had a lovely evening on March 28 teaching the Grand River Bead Society members how to Viking knit. And of course, last week was our first Flirt Fling. I had an amazing group of students there.

I’ve been into making pieces with resin, so will get some photos of that up here. In the meantime, here are pics of two pieces I created for the silent auction at the Parkdale Community Development Group’s SYNTHESIS gala fundraiser which was held on March 25.












And I’ve been working on my Bag o Beads challenge piece for the TBS reveal night on April 13. Here is a sneak peek!

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