So I’m at home feeling under the weather and I reached over the side of the bed and my hands fell on the Bead and Button Show catalogue. Registration starts today. I have this feeling that the classes I really want to take will fill up quickly but I can’t register until I confirm all the details of our trip when Laura and I meet up on Saturday. (We’re taking a trip to BeadFX in the morning to get some supplies to make a little something for her.)

Going through the catalogue, I am most attracted to classes that are mixing metals, using resin and metal clay and of course wire. So I will just have to wait a few days and hope the classes that fit into our schedule and are top picks for me are still available.

I also posted on Facebook a photo of a ring I concocted from a variety of handmade components I bought from some very creative artists. Way back in June at the Bead and Button Show I bought a ring shank from Kate McKinnon. I think it cost me $21. Made from silver metal clay, it has a shaft attached to the top which allows you to put a bead of your choice on it. For over six months I’ve held onto it, trying to decide what to do with it. Then last Wednesday night at the TBS meeting I was, as usual, poring over the lampwork beads of Amy Walman-Smith and she was having a half-price sale. I picked up and put down a lot of different beads but kept coming back to one of her hippy dippy flowers in black and olive tones. I thought it would look great as a spinner bead on the McKinnon ring form.

Last night, I tried a few things to get the bead to stay on the ring. First I cut the shaft on the shank shorter. Then I pulled out my small torch and tried to heat the end of the shaft to see if I could then, while it was warm, tap it out with my hammer. That didn’t work. Then I started thinking that if I could find a bead with the right size hole in the right size, in black glass or silver, I could glue it to the end of the shaft and leave space for Amy’s bead to spin. Searched through my stash but found nothing that satisfied me. Then I found a silver tube bead that  was fluted on both ends. Kind of shaped like an hourglass. It almost fit, but not quite. So I got out a rasp and started filing the shaft of the ring down until the silver bead fit onto it comfortably. I put glue on the shaft, put the silver bead on it, but was still unhappy with it since it stood up really high and I thought it might get caught on things. So out came the hammer and I hammered it down. I am very happy with the final results.

Check out the photo here. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=lf#!/photo.php?fbid=188843974474617&set=a.165030660189282.43663.100000470465727&pid=658736&id=100000470465727


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