Well, naughty and knotty. I’ve been naughty, and haven’t blogged for a while. I’m inexorably getting sucked back into the working world and have spent some of my precious creative time doing mundane tasks around the house as the days before I start my new job rush past me.

I’ve been busy making Christmas presents, though. Chain maille watches, bracelets, necklaces and viking knit as well. Nothing I’ve designed though. The TBS monthly meeting was Wednesday night, and Marilyn Gardiner brought some Viking Knitters for sale. I spent some time showing several people how to get started with their new purchase.

Mid-week I went to Michaels and created samples of memory wire bracelets with dangling charms. And a necklace strung on beadalon with cracked glass beads, glass crystals and secured with crimps. Yesterday afternoon I sat at a table in the Jewellery section of the store and made a pair of wire wrapped earrings while answering questions about the other samples and the classes I would be teaching to demonstrate each technique and project.

Alice, who came to my Oct 29 event at Michaels then stopped by the TBS fair last weekend to buy Stephanie Eddy’s Lazee Daizee Viking Knitter, stopped by yesterday and I showed her how to get started with the knitter. She signed up for my Nov 19 Fundamentals of crimping class.

But I couldn’t bring myself to attempt, in front of people, the knotted hemp bracelet. I haven’t done macrame since Grade 7 — you know how you used to be able to sign up for classes in grade school like recorder, softball, etc. I took a macrame class and made a lot of plant holders. But Grade 7 was 38 years ago.

So here I am this afternoon working through the knotty directions for the Fundamentals of Knotting bracelet project. With #20 hemp cord and a few beads in hand, I taped the anchor cords down to my BeadSmith tray and started weaving the cord under and over and — wow, a half knot and a full knot! The proverbial “just like riding a bicycle” moment. Still, I am not happy with the first finished product so I’m going to make another. And perhaps another. There’s something soothing about tying knots and creating a strong, intricately twined bracelet.


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  1. Marilyn Gardiner
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 02:09:28

    Hmmm, I could use a plant holder!! This could be another job on the side for you. My big Hoya is crying out to be hung from the ceiling…
    More seriously, are you planning to try any of the micro-macramé? I’d love to take a class from Heather Taylor, but her class & my time has never meshed yet.
    BTW, you’ll have to ask Sue how many Viking Knit kits she sold via demos in Ottawa . Wonderful lampwork at the Ottawa Show. I went buying…


  2. Sue Henry
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 14:58:14

    I think we sold 14 or 15 kits. I’m an expert – but not to your level of course. I don’t spend as much time on the bus to practice.
    Was a good show! Claire-Anne who assisted us was good and does chain mail and amazing Wirework.
    Yes Marilyn spend a chunk of the profits with one lampworker. I have a lovely Christmas present coming from her as well! Good weekend!


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