What it takes

So what comes naturally to me in my working life is apparently something that helps me immeasurably in my creative life and teaching — the ability to effectively market and promote. Both the Downsview Michaels store and I received feedback from the head office that our event on Friday night was the best-attended. Congratulations all round. I just assumed all the stores would have had the same number of people turn out for the event. All the right promotions were in place: we had a great opening day demo and talked up the event there, the store printed and distributed flyers in advance and I promoted the event on my Facebook page. Why wouldn’t it be a success, is what I thought. No brainer.

So now the challenge of filling up my four fundamentals class. I hope the enthusiasm I projected on Friday night shone through and that a lot of those ladies will be interested in signing up. If not, then I am willing to set up shop in the middle of the jewellery section at Michaels and talk to people to convince them they need to come to my classes. But what I really need to succeed is to be in the loop there too. I need my instructor kits, samples and other things to be truly successful. If I have the tools, then I will make sure that I bring in students, translate their interest to enthusiasm and generate sales as well as fun for everyone.



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  1. Sue Henry
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 22:34:11

    So true. Things we take for granted are not always so. That’s another gift we can share. Yeah we can make fabulous jewellery – but we can build a community too! No fun wearing fabulous jewellery alone. We want to share! And you want to make fabulous as well.


  2. Marilyn Gardiner
    Nov 03, 2010 @ 01:39:55

    I can certainly attest to your marketing and promotion skills!
    Michaels is so lucky to have you.


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