So, I hosted my first beading event at Michaels Downsview, 33 Billy Bishop Way, tonight.

A room of what was supposed to be 15 people turned into a roomful of about 20 people – some as young as 6, one young boy about 9 or 10 and women of all ages. Most of them knew little to nothing about bead basics and all of them wanted my attention at the same time. After I explained a few basics about tools, and showed them samples of some of my work, I took them on a tour of the jewelry section of the store. I was bombarded with questions, spent the night going from person to person to person demonstrating wrapped loops, crimping, stringing, knotting. I managed to get to all of them, show them how, sell them supplies and watch some of them blossom with creativity. And that’s the payoff: to have inspired someone to do something new, create with their mind, hands and heart, and feel joy and pride in the creation. I find I really love to teach, mentor and inspire. It’s as much of a rush as creating something new. And the excitement and freshness the students bring to learning from me is exhilarating. So I learn by teaching. How much fun is this!

I have the dates and times for my four fundamentals classes at Michaels: Nov 19, Nov 26, Dec 3, Dec 5. Classes are two hours long and are on the following topics: Basic Stringing, Crimping Basics, Wire Wrapping and Knotting.


Wired to the world of beads…

Since I’ve deepened my obsession with wire and beads over the last six months, and I’ve discovered at the various shows and classes I’ve taught lately that other people are as fascinated by wire and beads as I am, I decided to chronicle my design odyssey in this blog. Of course, the creative and personal intertwine in any artist’s life, so this blog will likely contain as much about me as it does about the design/discovery process.

I hope you’ll enjoy following me and leave your comments on my designs.

Here’s what I’m currently working on:

  • Viking Knitting (using Stephanie Eddy’s Lazee Daizee VK tool)
  • Wirework — especially coiling wire
  • Spool knitting with wire and beads
  • Using yarn looms in various sizes and shapes to create wire and bead accessories.

Here’s a recently completed project:

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